Arita’s Chronicles

On love and e.t.cs


I don’t think there is anything like falling in love with someone at first sight. I know. Don’t stone me yet. I recently have come to that conclusion. I mean, it is possible  to fall in love with things but definitely not people. I’m talking from big experience here. I knew from the first moment I saw Jonnie that I’d love him to death. Don’t get your panties in a twist , Jonnie is my dog, my companion, my blanket on cold stormy Nairobi nights. And no, he is just my dog.



He was small when I met him. Tiny actually.. wet from the rain, shivering looking at me with pretty eyes -a stray. When I saw him through the window in our back yard my heart just melted. I’m not good at describing emotions that I admit. But you get the point. I ran out there in the rain like a mad woman picked up the pup and brought him home. Thank goodness my roomie isn’t allergic to dogs as such, but I think even if she were I’d decided to keep the pup at all costs. Including and not limited to moving out. Those who know me will tell you that’s a big sacrifice considering where I stay is pure paradise. Free WI-Fi… a novel vendor just down the street, hot showers, and a drop dead gorgeously packaged neighbor who serenades us with his guitar every night. Technically not Angie and I,  he does that for his girlfriend  but we don’t mind the show.



So where was I exactly? Yes. So it is possible to fall in love instantly with a dog, a cat, a John Green novel on a lazy Sunday afternoon and a DJ. Afro movie hehehe. I know. But i think with a person like a fellow human being, i think you kind of grow in love. Let me share a friend ‘s growing in love story. My crew and I, typically consisting of Chichi, Kim and Brandon usually meet up once a week to you know sit, swap stories and deplete Kim’s stock of oreos. Chichi is the sane one- smart responsible and reliable. Kim Is well- the ladies man. Damn I think I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to save him out of some girl’s claws. Brandon is, the geek and shy one and yours truly is the crazy bitch. I think that’s been pretty obvious by now. When am done with this piece am pretty sure Brandon will be baying for my blood so just in case I’ll need donors, am an O+ve.



So for quite the longest time Omogambi – as we usually call Brandon has been on a dryer than Kalahari spell. You’d think from all that time he spends around pretty ladies in his anatomy class he’d be lucky by now but no. So being the good friends Chichi and I are we decided to give him a bit of a push in the right direction. So in comes Shiro. Shiro, Chichi and I are in the same law class though surprisingly I had never talked to her prior to us setting her up with Omogambi. I thought she seemed nice, not high maintenance with a 15 pound Brazilian weave that is if you could ignore the weird smell she always had around her. So shiro meets Omogambi one afternoon when he comes to pick us from class and they hit it off.



Now for the drama. So since man is encouraging himself (mwanaume ni kujichocha) -hehehe I am not sure the meaning has been retained, Brandon took Shiro on their first date to some up class new place in town. The portions of food there cost an arm and a lady’s handbag. How I know that well… that is a story we shall save for when I will tell you about my Facebook date. And so the story continues. It soon became Omogambi and Shiro.. Shiro and Omogambi. Irritating my inseparable until well their third date that was ment to be a surprise for Omogambi.



I guess when you spend a lot of time around someone, you get comfortable and you know, show them the real you. Love is about all those little things. I only got to know that my ex had smelly feet when we attended a friend’s wedding that he was participating in and later went to chill at his place. You know he’d always worn open shoes around me. Always. Well that day when he removed those black loafers, I thought there had been a stink bomb ambush. Damn. The ending of that story is pretty clear considering he is my ex. So our poor Omogambi encountered this on his unforgettable date. So even we didn’t know what the date would be all about. So that Friday evening we were all crashing at my place. We all patiently waited for Omogambi to return and bore us with the details of his super secret date. And when he returned, he didn’t disappoint though he told us his story from the washroom where he was stuck Engaging the apparatus that receives our output.



Three rolls of tissue later, the poor guy could barely smile As he naratted to us of how Shiro took him to her favourite Mutura place and akamnunulia mutura special. An hour later at her crib his stomach started doing somersaults and flip flops and raging like a worn out engine of a probox. It goes without saying that all the business that had been planed for that night and the James Hardley cologne that had been worn was wasted. All the English of nose the girl used to plead with him worked not. Our guy took a taxi straight to my place where we laughed at his ordeal.



Turned out mutura and his stomach were not compatible at all. He himself not being a fan from its smell to how it actually looks and the taste, eating only to impress his Shiro. His shiro whose favourite meal was Mutura.. finally we could place the smell she had on her. After Brandon swearing to stay away from her for the safety of his stomach the night’s highlight was over. However, a few weeks later he forgot his resolve and even asked shiro to be his girlfriend officially. How he stands her and her mutura is a wonder we are yet to unravel and continually tease him about. Speaking of which Brandon you still haven’t replenished my tissues.



I guess that is what happens. You learn the not so pleasant stuff about someone and work round it as they also accept yours. So you see hakuna kitu ka love at first sight. You can like people from the little you know of them but to confidently say you love someone one it takes a great deal more of digging up a person’s layers. Love them with their smelly feet and mutura cologne. To discover you don’t mind the possessive them, the over talkative them, the emotional them. Love is grown over time. And yes. I usually am this wise.


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  1. Haddassah says:

    Awww….Gloria after all the years of Hanging around finally became wise. Take it from me folks I’m the source. .
    Bwari this was a really lovely piece.


    1. bwarita says:

      thanks Hadanyo… Ati the source.. hehehe


  2. gasmirogwang says:

    Always slaying
    I’ll be on your neck if I don’t read an article next week

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bwarita says:

      Hahaha will deliver


  3. Bwari you are sick 😂😂. You really should right more often. Really loved this one 😊


    1. bwarita says:

      Thanks Cheryl


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